DEFACE THE BEAUTY – Dawn Of A New Creation

The Texas metal scene has been on a constant roll as of lately with many great hitters residing from the state and Deface The Beauty are definitely one of the bands that should be keeping a close eye on things. Dawn Of A New Creation is the latest offering by the band and to summarize their sound is taking elements of deathcore and death metal put it in a blender with today’s modern-day production sound and you’ll get some hard-hitting pieces of extreme music that will get your adrenaline going throughout the day. From the vocals giving a thought-provoking, distinctive and primitive sound to guitars sounding audible and crystal clear to bass tones and drums giving it a nice progression here and there, these members really do love their heaviness as every instrumental provides a marvelous experience to really hear the deliverance and execution of the overall walls of sounds just piercing through and through the album is nicely done and well crafted.

Even the harmonics and melodically driven passages is a nice measurement to incorporate different components into the music where most of these tracks balances out the deathcore arrangements and the death metal stylings do show ambition, character and progressiveness in which I do feel that they have serious potential to mark a household name for themselves in the distant years. Just when you dive into songs such as The Valley, A New Creation and Desolation Of Oz you’ll have intense drumming, experimented vocal ranges, precise bass tones and guitars giving everything it’s got to maintain groove and infectious leads of eviscerating solos really makes you feel intertwined with the intelligence and energy these members provide for the music is perhaps a huge highlight on the album itself. Dawn Of A New Creation is only just the beginning for Deface The Beauty and I’m looking forward to hear what future material lies ahead in the foreseeable future.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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