COGNITIVE – Deformity

Cognitive are an American technical brutal death metal band formed in 2011 from Jobbstown, New Jersey and have returned to create their 2016 sophomore full-length titled Deformity which was released on October 28th, 2016 through Unique Leader Records. With Deformity, their musical compositions and prolific acts of imaginative Technical Brutal Death Metal instrumentals really showcases both highly visionary and very fluent onslaughts promisingly brings outstanding energetic inclusions of atmospheric waves and Slam-Bound contents are absolutely top notch. Musically, lyrically and atmospherically, Deformity is a massive step up prior to their debut album titled Cognitive as Deformity borrows the same rhythmical leads but maintaining such maturity within the musicianship, production and instrumentation wise Deformity is a very well productive, respective and prevalently dominated structures of extreme musicality is far incredibly enjoyable start to finish. Let’s take the tracks such as Haunted Justice, The Forgotten, Birthing the Deformity and Dead Soil are fine examples when evaluating pieces of embraced and contribute positions it’s best to observe the talent this band is going for within their sound barriers.

I would say the song Birthing The Deformity borrows influences from Archspire, The Zenith Passage, Origin and Disentomb from its catastrophic, aggressive, progressive and thickened layers of sonic booming blast beats, massive overloads of produced guitar melodies, vocals being vicious than ever before and the overall statistics Deformity utilizes is a very well established and connected puzzle piece to perfectly balance these tracks. While Deformity particularly has its dull moments, it’s a solid album those wanting a genre very fresh to combine Technical, Brutal and Slam arrangements that are complex and piled disgustingly high amounts of visceral musical stylistics are surely worth the listening. If you’re fans of Dying Fetus Suffocation and Severed Savior (Official) Cognitive’s Deformity is the album for you.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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