Imagine Devourment, Cerebral Incubation, Devour The Unborn, and Short Bus Pile Up were to create the most humorous, nothing serious and entertaining brutal death metal releases through Gore House Productions with parodies of death metal song titles it be Indiana’s Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy. If you love your brutal death containing the best slam arrangements, guttural vocals, snare tone drums and fantastic musicianship then I would strongly recommend listening to this release. From the super clean guitar melodies and tremolos, sharp and crystal clear production and devastating instrumentals being displayed here, these musicians have obviously listened to Devourment way too much in the veins of Molesting The Decapitated era due to the appreciative and admiring chemistry these folks bringing out the goods truly shows what brutal death metal is all about.

Just moments when you tracks such as I Bless the Slams Down in Africa, My Studies at the Slamming Brutal Death University, Overnight (Slammin’ Brutal Death Metal) Sensation and quite possibly my favorite track on this album no matter how badly people judge the title being No Ghey Black Metal! (Only Good Shit) not only demonstrated it’s fantastic production, but every song doesn’t have flaws or downgrading the band’s artistic talent and not to mentioned all the instrumentals in terms of sound quality and progression makes it dynamic, creative and very well artistic. Songwriting here is absolutely remarkable and every track doesn’t entirely sound the same as it brings variations and style with catchy hooks, groovy baselines and catchy chord progressions that is both frantic and disemboweling. This album may not entirely be your favorite slam release but for what it is, Glam Not Slam is criminally underrated in the brutal death metal scene and should not be overlooked or under appreciated.


Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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