Kanashimi (Japanese for “sorrow” or “sadness”) is a one-man DSBM project from Shizuoka, Japan. Eight years after O. Miasnthropy’s debut full length Romantik Suicide and three years since any release, Kanashimi returns with Inori, released October 27, 2017 through Pest Productions. The album stays in the same sound that O. Misanthropy has perfected but adds to the layers by evolving towards a more melancholic and melodic sound than previous releases. Inori beautifully blends torture and pain with melodic and touching elements that stand out in the band’s sound compared to others in the depressive black metal scene.

The guitar work blends masterfully with the light, haunting and melancholic piano passages. The vocals are still extreme, desperate and emotional as they sound like the voice of a tortured spirit from the other side. The most powerful and well rounded track in my opinion is Scar of Heart as it captures your deepest emotions of despair and sorrow and brings them to the top to the point you feel entranced by the track right from the beginning which also makes this a great way to open the album. Inori is a perfect example of what DSBM should sound like and how it should make you feel as it holds a strong black metal aggressive sound while bringing beauty and melody that makes this album a strong and memorable release. If you are a fan of No Point In Living, ColdWorld, Nocturnal Depression and Forgotten Thought, then this album belongs in your collection.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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