WOMBBATH – Choirs Of The Fallen

When it comes to Swedish death metal, often times bands try to find alternatives making the genre fresh and innovative to the best of its own availability. Wombbath, a artist who’s been around for three decades of creating unrelenting death metal are back to create a astonishing record and possibly the most crafted releases to date with 2020’s Soulseller Records release of Choirs Of The Fallen. For a fourth full-length these Swedish musicians bring the instrumentals and maximum intensities where everything becomes pummeling. From the great atmospheric passages to the Swedish and Finnish death metal influences of Wombbath’s musical inspirations, this album takes its purest form of monstrous heaviness and sheer brutality that’ll please any fans of the genre.

Production wise, nothing but phenomenal as the sound is clear, raw and showcasing gritty late 80’s and 90’s European extreme metal. This record does demonstrate some later melodic death metal Carcass melodies with some of these tracks including A Sweet Taste Of Death, Fallen, Void and A Vulgar Declaration uses thick bass tones, down tuned guitars sounding dirty and raw and drums bring out bludgeoning doom-laced riffs with near funeral procession precision in the crisp drums, not to mention a superb traditional heavy metal inspired guitar solo that elevates the grit to heights of brief grandeur, something not delegated to their own performances. Choirs Of The Fallen managed to capture the glory from the nineties extreme metal sound with nice touches of both Swedish and Finnish death metal bands and while the record does struggle from it’s counterparts, Choirs Of The Fallen does find Wombbath’s latest effort a magical musical experience of a lifetime.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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