Being of Entropy, a fairly new band from Cyprus, has just dropped their self-titled debut EP on 8/27/21 and let me tell you, its an absolute beast of a release! I’ve probably listened to it 4 times already and wanted to fully take in all the songs before giving it a proper review, it just keeps getting better. It really has a strong Humanity’s Last Breath and Vildhjarta vibe to it, atmospheric and HEAVY! All 5 tracks are amazing and I was instantly sucked in after hearing the opening track Scatter and that already had me banging my head with that disgusted look on my face that we all make when hearing some nasty riffs! Already on the verge of needing a neck brace after finishing the first song, listening to the rest of the album was gonna do some serious damage to my neck!

Not only will you be banging your head hard to this, they really did a great job keeping each song unique from each other, throwing more melodic and eerie elements to the songs. The vocals throughout the album have so much range to it! (the beauty of having two great vocalists!) I always love when bands have two vocalists. The drummer and the guitar players are phenomenal. Listening to the closing track Rip, hearing the blast beats got me excited (as a drummer myself, I always approve of throwing blast beats into a song!) and the riffs and vocals to go with it, just made for a real sick way to finish an all out amazing EP.

This bands deserves some praise for this release, especially being their debut EP. The production and mix on the album sounds really solid. Really impressed with this and I would absolutely recommend giving these guys a listen!



Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Nick Poulin



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