CYTOTOXIN – Nuklearth

Germany’s Cytotoxin is a band that are putting their name out there in the technical brutal death metal department and with Nuklearth released through the mighty label of Unique Leader Records, this is exactly where the album picked up after the amazing 2017 release of Gammageddon which was my introduction to Cytotoxin. Musically, lyrically and atmospherically speaking, they’re best known from their the nuclear warfare and Chernobyl lyricism, to the authentic and ambitious songwriting which makes the album introducing a chaotic journey to unleash a toxic environment to unleash carnage, retribution and some of the most explosive death metal releases of this year. Musicianship and production quality is nothing but spectacular as these radiated Germans stand way above their compositions which brings a rather refreshing and a genre incredibly saturated with masturbatory technicality, Nuklearth will surely please many fans of their past material.

The album flows in perfectly reaching deep, guttural vocal patterns and the band’s thoughtful tracks never strays or abandoned the overall musicality branches they’ve combined for this particular album is definitely worth the enjoyment. The band’s style may not necessarily be for the average metal head but if you’re into the traditional, old school death metal formulas preferably Wormed and Origin with hint of Cannibal Corpse then this is something you probably wouldn’t invest your time discovering Cytotoxin’s Nuklearth.

While technical brutal death metal may have it’s minor flaws, give this album a fair chance and let it sink in your mind to fully analyze what these Germans are heading into terms of decimated instrumentation and simple, yet beautifully crafted musical branches may definitely be up your alley. Overall, Nuklearth by Germany’s death metal crafters Cytotoxin has everything you want in a extreme metal album whether it’s the sickening squeals, ultra lightning guitars and relentless blast beats, this is for you.


Overall score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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