I’m always so fascinated when bands take on their deepest lyrical analogy and interpretation for many subjects matters. Whether it’s HP Lovecraftian, nature, gothic literature, poetry, gore and many more that can resonate the listener for so many years. This band, Ghosts Of Atlantis whom I never heard anything about the music before until I was given the promo by Black Lion Records and immediately after giving this multiple listens I have to safely say that this is some very intelligent and beautifully written albums that I’ve heard coming from the roster. Ghosts Of Atlantis are a extreme metal band which features Colin Parks from Devilment and judging by the album artwork, lyrical content and observing the deepest roots of the music, this is a wonderful blend of gothic metal but have little trace of doom and even black metal to a extent.

Now, this album is a conceptual story about Greek Mythology with heavy emphasis on fantasy stories, historical events and a world so impacted by its wonderful lore, you’re basically set sailing to a far, far away imaginative universe where every track presents character, emotion, meaning, and a experience with such captivation you’re gonna feel right at home with this release. There’s harsh vocals, clean singing, audible instrumentals, natural sounding structures of luxurious arrangements that will immediately grab your attention by how articulate and crafted these tracks come to life reality and what impressed me the most is how diverse the compositions feel since it gives the signatures a nice, thickened and rich taste to incorporate many genres of music whether it’s the symphonic-esque approach for the songs Poseidon’s Bow, The Third Pillar and The Lost Compass to tracks where it feels angered and isolated such as The Curse Of Man and When Tridents Fall give it a powerful gothic metal sensation to balance out the band’s stylistic branches and complexity these musicians provided here is truly magnificent in its own retrospect.

As said above on the review, the lyricism for Greek Mythology tells the tale how far the narrative for Ancient Greece captivated in the sense where if you’re a history bluff and a fan of its past and present day, this album should be in your music library collection. is not only a enjoyable gothic metal record with a creative approach showcasing the band’s artistic talent but to appreciate the beauty and the beast should not be passed up but rather witness this thrill ride yourself.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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