SCORDATURA – Mass Failure

Underground Brutal Death Metal as a genre has never sounded appealing, fascinating and over the top leveling amounts of endless brutality and aggression is music to my ears. Meet Scordatura, a brutal death metal band hailing from the United Kingdom but currently based in Glasgow, Scotland being around since 2005 unleashing carnage and destruction in their pathways to release incredible albums after another. I got into this band around 2018 after hearing Self- Created Abyss in 2017 and was instantly hooked to hear something fresh, dynamic and extremely punishing coming from that album.

Now fast forward to 2020 we have the latest offering titled Mass Failure and is released through the godly label of Gorehouse Productions. These guys surely know how to create technicality, progression, musical compositions and have outdone themselves creating a finishing blow to the album’s thought-provoking and visceral touches of brutal death metal. From the punishing brutality of the guttural vocals, clean guitar melodies, structured bass, unrelenting drum sequences and production incredibly sharp and clean Mass Failure takes the roots of traditional death metal with a modernized twist of brutal death metal to the highest level while the band takes a wide spectrum of influences from Cannibal Corpse, Aborted, Aborted Fetus and Aeon, they majorly operated themselves into a cataclysmic universe that’s definitely worth the time listening to.

Vocally, Daryl Bryce has a range unlike any other death metal songwriter that I remember in recent memory who’s style ranging from screams, high to low growls and deep squeals are just mind-blowing to hear upon the album’s entirety. They’ve perfected the sound and while listening to this album front to end, Mass Failure is an enjoyable album start to finish it keeps brutal death metal within a saturated scene well as expressing their artistic value to hear such incredible efforts for the underground metal community. So if you’re into brutal death metal with technical elements from Origin, Deeds Of Flesh and any stylistic rhythms of extreme metal, Mass Failure by Scordatura shouldn’t be slept upon if you love your death metal chaotic and sharpening to be one of the absolute best releases of 2020 and brutal death metal as a whole.


Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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