EYEHATEGOD Stream New Single

Eyehategod are pleased to share another new track from their forthcoming album A History Of Nomadic Behavior, which drops on March 12th, 2021 via Century Media. You can check out the visualizer for “Fake What’s Yours” single via YouTube below.

Frontman Mike Williams on the song:

“Fake What’s Yours” is the second single from our new album, A History Of Nomadic Behavior, and it’s a pure uncut chunk of anti-authoritarian preach-speak set to a condescending guitar riff that could only be born from the dirty streets of New Orleans. We can’t wait for everyone to hear the full record, but for now, put on your gas masks, lock your doors, stay home and LISTEN!”

Track listing:

01. Built Beneath The Lies (03:33)
02. The Outer Banks (02:31)
03. Fake What’s Yours (03:38)
04. Three Black Eyes (02:27)
05. Current Situation (04:41)
06. High Risk Trigger (04:18)
07. Anemic Robotic (02:44)
08. The Day Felt Wrong (03:56)
09. The Trial Of Johnny Cancer (04:25)
10. Smoker’s Piece (01:11)
11. Circle Of Nerves (03:47)
12. Every Thing, Every Day (04:42)


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