ANARKHON Sign With Debemur Morti Productions

Brazil-based brutal death metal formation Anarkhon and French label Debemur Morti Productions have have signed new record deal. The first harvest of the collaboration between the two will be a vinyl version of the band’s latest album, Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple, which was originally released on CD via Soul Erazer Records in September, 2020.

Mastermind, guitarist, and vocalist Aron comments on inking a deal:

“First of all, I have been following Debemur Morti Productions’ work for some years. In my opinion, they are one of the most important record labels in the worldwide Extreme Metal scene. There are some big labels out there, but they release all kinds of music. DMP, however, is focused only on really Extreme Metal bands and I like that. Regarding our expectations with this new collaboration, I think they are the best possible. I have no doubt that DMP will help to take our music to a new level and direct it to an extreme music audience around the world that we have not yet reached.”



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