MORK Debut ‘Svartmalt’ Lyric Video

Mork reveal new single and lyric video for “Svartmalt”, featuring Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto. The track is part of the upcoming Katedralen album, which will be released on 5th of March through Peaceville Records. Video credit: Matthew Vickerstaff.

Mastermind Thomas Eriksson commented:

“My new single is here. “Svartmalt”! This is a rocking black metal track! I’m shutting all the doors, boarding up all the windows and painting it all black! That’s pretty much a direct translation from the song’s Norwegian theme. When Nocturno Culto & I got together in the studio to figure out which of the tracks would fit him best, this one struck hard, it’s a primitive and balls out rocker, we knew this was the one – it had to be “Svartmalt”. The world seems to have gone to shit, so why not paint it black on top. Ugh!”



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