A PORTRAIT OF FLESH AND BLOOD Upload Unheard Full Length

A Portrait of Flesh and Blood uploaded to Bandcamp a Echoes of Silence (the project before what would become APOFAB) full length titled “Stormbringer” today which had previously never received a digital release. This was the first album that would be recorded with REAL instruments (as EoS was known for the VST instruments) as well as the first appearance of Stefan Traunmueller of Golden Dawn who would also mix, master and produce the release.

The album was to be released by the now dead label Blackmetal.com but never saw a physical nor digital release known to anyone. Leviticai of APOFAB had decided that this album was what influenced the change in sound and name so released it today as a APOFAB re-release. Below is the cover art and track list and you can click HERE and have a listen into what really started A Portrait of Flesh and Blood.


1. The Gathering
2. Birds of Prey
3. Twilightning
4. Summer Night(mare)
5. Gusts of Sorrow
6. Stormbringer
7. As The Sun Sets
8. The Beginning of All Things to End


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