MEDIEVAL DEMON – Arcadian Witch

Hailing from Greece, Medieval Demon play a cosmological, ancient, rebellious and chaotic style of black metal that’s been around since the early 1990’s and with this release through the almighty Hells Headbangers, I can safely say I’m very impressed with this album coming from someone who isn’t much of a fan of the black metal genre but is rightfully appreciated on how expansive its capable of doing. Musically, this band takes huge influences from Rotting Christ, Necros Christos and Varathron but this time around, they’ve upped their production, signatures, maturity and the ability to find their craft being symbolic and abstracted surely but steadily a massive force front to back. From their spellbound compositions, diabolical instrumentals, disgustingly heavy melodies and a mysticism atmosphere sounding dense and gloomy, Arcadian Witchcraft judging by the name of the album artwork will take the listener into a abrasive, rawness and necromancer approach taking the purest black metal songwriting to whole new approach.

The moment you hear songs like Nocturnal Gates Through the Night, Meet Her Majesty, The Black Queen and Mystics of Ritual Madness you’re gonna experience a creepier, heavier and glorified listening experience which is impossibly essential for a Greek band who isn’t well known but for what they’re worth, this is some seriously good black metal. These guys also brought deliverance, consistency and a most focused based album that surely found their sound where to be aimed for. But from the progression and crafted songwriting being impressive, to the stronger, comprehensive and commendable instrumentals to the everlasting quality feeling cohesive and structured, I was heavily intrigued to hear how much atmosphere within the album’s darkest, thought-provoking lyricism and commendable acts these musicians contributed before.

Even myself will proudly say I am satisfied and pleased with this release and I do keep seeing myself coming back more and more with each listen getting better progressively speaking. In conclusion, Arcadian Witchcraft captures the most powerful, well driven and twisted album’s within the band’s embodied work.




Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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