HUMAN WORMS – Limbless At Birth

Few things are as divisive as slam metal. The genre has its die hard supporters and detractors, or people like me, who listen to it every so often. Humans Worms are an up and coming band who recently released the EP titled “Limbless At Birth”, which while it falls into some of the conventions of slam, is a solid effort by a band that definitely has talent. The title track, “Limbless At Birth” opens this album up, and does so with an ambient intro before launching into the first taste of this band’s sound. The vocals here are dirty, fitting the nasty sound the band brings on this release. This is a short track that doesn’t offer a lot, but it does give the first taste of what to expect. “Analombric Proliferation” opens up with a nice slam riff, and picks up the pace from the previous tracks. There’s some nice groove in this song, which leads into some well executed slams.

“Crawling Fetus” is next, and slows down the pace a little bit while focusing on being extremely heavy. This song is filled with chugging, so be wary if that’s not your thing, but said chugging is really well done, and fits the style of the band. Up next is “Crowdkill Maggot”, which is opens up continuing the chugging from the previous track. For the most part, this song is pretty fact paced, until the last about minute or so. The last minute is a mosh call, which while not terrible, does stick out a bit, and drags the album down a bit. “Limbless Premature Siamese” has a good and heavy opening guitar, and is one of, if not the best song on this EP. This song is fast and heavy without sacrificing good writing, and is a very enjoyable track to listen to.

This EP ends on “Tapeworm Fecal Nest”, which is a good track, and ends this on a good note. This is a pure slam song through and through, with a nice slam riff, and some good slams towards the end. This is a good EP. While it didn’t blow me away or anything, it definitely didn’t overstay it’s welcome, and for being a relatively safe slam release, it was still strong enough to stand out.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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