WINTERSUN – The Forest Seasons

Wintersun does not need any introductions if you’re familiarized with 2004’s self titled and 2012’s Time I. Both albums are masterpieces in their own musical rights. Fast forward to 2017 we have a conceptual album titled The Forest Seasons. Combining elements of symphonic, folk, melodic death and power metal, The Forest Seasons continues where Time I left off. Each of the tracks showcase emotion, positivity, aggression, and atmospheric passages of wonderfully arranged musicality. From unadulterated signatures, stylistic tempos, mid-paced sections of beautifully designed instrumentals, and a cinematic/theatrical production Wintersun have surely made a album that is highly ambitious compared to their last two installments is a example they’ve been extremely consisted within their songwriting. Musically, lyrically, and progressively speaking longtime vocalist Jari Mäenpää, formerly the ex-singer for folk metal band Ensiferum, unleashes his sweeped scopes of layered, triumphant, emotional, and groundbreaking death/black metal-esque melodies mashed together has never felt so mesmerizing.

While The Forest Seasons may not necessarily be Wintersun’s greatest albums in their career it still maintains the overall artistic expressions as these Finnish musicians once again continued to prove themselves they concentrated on imaginative, creative, spiritual, and conceptualize musical pieces that are comprehensive and jaw-droppingly brilliant. From mystical shrines, cleanest, and polished recordings The Forest Seasons is best described as a story driven narrative discussing the album’s thought-provoking abilities to demonstrate and construct such painted imagery. If you enjoyed Wintersun’s last two albums The Forest Seasons offers more enough to digest your metal soul beginning to end.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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