DUNKELNACHT Debut ‘Biss Der Engel’ Single

French black metal operatives Dunkelnacht premiere a new standalone single, “Biss Der Engel”, created during the Empires Of Mediocracy era (last album release). The song was recorded at HTA Studios (France) and RPM Sound Studio (Canada). In other news, Dunkelnacht also confirmed the departure of vocalist Jesse Peetoom – M. C. Abagor due to personal reasons.

Statement from Dunkelnacht:

“Hey Folks! Here we are! We are proud to share our new single with you guys! This track has a long history/recording process coming back to the Empires Of Mediocracy era, our last album in date. We finally kept it aside for a single song as we want/plan to release more material in between albums. That being said, I hope you’ll enjoy that “Jazzified” groovy style, a unique gem hard to include in a full-length. This is absolutely not the new overall style of the band!

“Also, important changes arise. This release sounds like a tribute, yes, a tribute! It’s the opportunity to set in stone new directions regarding the band’s future. As some of you guys may know, Jesse Peetoom – M. C. Abagor is no longer the Dunkelnacht’s vocalist due to personal schedule/reasons after these intensive touring pre-covid years! “Biss Der Engel” is the last recording featuring our Dutch friend.

“There’s no animosity between us whatsoever! He is and will be a friend still. We guess things have evolved. Henceforth, Dunkelnacht is officially a trio. More to come. Crank those speakers fuckerz!”



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