NETHERBIRD Detail Sixth Full Length & Launch First Track

Sweden’s melodic black metal artists Netherbird announce that their sixth full length album, dubbed Arete, will land in stores July 30, 2021 via Eisenwald. Below, you can stream the video clip for the album’s first preview tune, “Towers Of The Night”.

On Arete, Netherbird return with their signature melodic black/death metal that has become their hallmark. It is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian underground legacy, yet delivered with a strong sense of feel and urgency, allowing these tracks to exude the confidence and songwriting prowess of a band at the peak of their craft. The album itself is the third instalment of the trilogy that started on The Grander Voyage and continued on Into the Vast Uncharted. The journey has come to its completion with this album, where the very concept of Arete – the classic ideal of excellence – is scrutinized from various angles in these songs.

Album tracklist:

01. Âme Damnée
02. Towers Of The Night
03. Void Dancer
04. Infernal Vistas
05. Carnal Pentiment
06. Mystes
07. The Silence Of Provenance
08. Atrium Of The Storm


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