THIS ENDING Unleash New Single

June 11th, 2021 sees This Ending returning with a new melodic death metal piece Needles Of Rust. Down under you can give a spin to the second preview track, ‘Eclipse Of The Dead,’ featuring guest vocals by Gord Olson from Darkened.

This Ending about “Eclipse Of The Dead”:

“This is an old song that was first written 10 years ago by Linus N. We have tried to make it work for years and finally it has found the shape it needed. This was one of the first songs originally written after our second album Dead Harvest. We also have guest vocals on this one from Gord courtesy of Darkened. The lyrics deal partly with the issues of environmental destruction and how many ignore their part in this. It also revolves around the issue of accepting the easy answers without question, to blindly trust the so-called leaders.”



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