RAGE OF LIGHT Part Ways With Vocalist Melissa Bonny

Switzerland’s Rage of Light took to social media to post about their vocalist Melissa Bonny parting ways with the band. Below is what the band had to say about it all.

“One year ago, we made the decision to go back to the previous Rage Of Light formula which was basically releasing singles and music videos as inspiration strikes and to work in a more casual way. It was simply what was best for everyone in the band at that time.
Now the situation has changed but not in the same way for every single band member. Noé and Jonathan are really inspired and motivated to write more music and make more videos, whereas Melissa on the other end has more than ever on her plate and cannot handle all of it. She doesn’t want to stay in the band and hold them back, so we decided together that Melissa would leave her place to someone else who has the time and the energy to push the band as much as needed.
We are still super friends and will continue supporting each other but we will not continue making music together. It’s just what’s best for everyone to avoid creating any frustration or unnecessary stress that is not productive at all, especially in music. So we part ways in very good terms and we hope that you will understand this decision which is the best for everyone and for the band. Thank you very much for your support throughout these years and keep an eye out for the next chapter of Rage Of Light !

Melissa is saying : « It was not an easy decision. Jon, Noé and I have been working together for many years. We evolved as musicians and grew as people together, and the adventure has been a beautiful one. We created so much. Music, videos, memories. We learnt and built our way to where Rage Of Light and each of us are now. I will forever be grateful for everything we’ve accomplished together and wish them the very best! »

Jon and Noé are saying : « This is one of those crazy-mixed-feelings situations : we are so sad that we have to part ways with Melissa, but we know that it is indeed for the best for her and for us. From asking Melissa if she was interested in joining what was initially a studio project to releasing an album with Napalm Records, playing crazy lives and getting several million views on YouTube, we are so proud of what we achieved together. It was a hell of a ride ! We wish her all the best and great success with Ad Infinitum in the future ! »

RAGE OF LIGHT IS LOOKING FOR A NEW SINGER ! Read here for more information : https://bit.ly/3t8htbK”



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