CRAVING FOR CHAOS – Brink Of Calamity

Since the band’s formation in 2009, Craving For Chaos is a melodic death metal band that doesn’t seem to get much attention but for a debut full-length album titled Brink Of Calamity released on Infernal Hymns Records, there’s some really cool things about this band and I honestly do firmly believe this is some top notch quality melodic death metal needed to be heard much as possible. Musically, it brings a Amon Amarth, Opeth and other bands within the Swedish, American and Finnish extreme metal spectrums but their style is very distinctive, impressive and progressive at times where I feel they’ve taken a lot of time and patience to incorporate different structures, compositions and the craftsmanship displayed is nothing short but excellence at finest.

Not only do you have both two vocalists intertwined with the screams, cleans and growl effects but you also get some interesting drum fills, unique guitar leads, solid melodies and bone-crushing bass signatures are really seem on point as every member provided give it a nice balance, touch and sense of sound on what they’re utilized in. From the moments on the album you hear songs such as Cling To Existence, Destroyer Of Worlds, The Great Filter and Sanctification for example, you’ll hear the instrumentals providing a much more thickened, structured and complex style that is unique and comfortable without losing sense of sound, touch and sensation. I don’t really think there’s anything bad about this record but if you’re into melodic death metal with hints of progressive and groove and traces of technicality in between, then Brink Of Calamity by Germany’s Craving For Chaos is definitely worth your time and listen.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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