NO LIVING WITNESS – Cosmic Simulacra

No Living Witness is an extreme metal band residing from my area in the Pacific Northwest and have released their newest album titled Cosmic Simulacra. Musically, this is a album showcasing emotion, aggressiveness, technicality and heaviness all around to demonstrates the bands influences for making death metal music but also maintaining such a dynamic and consistent sounding album that surely kept its welcome front to back. Now, I will say the songwriting, consistency, structure and deliverance on the record is the highlight on the album not because of the craftsmanship, but because their ability to craft songs representing characters is something that most bands aren’t executed in. But in all seriousness, there’s some decent arrangements that are represented and the musical compositions from the blast beats, guitars, bass, drum fills and vocals, to bringing a chaotic and destructive energy to have such appreciation and nature in creating songs for the masses.

Songs like Sailing On A Cardboard Sea and Terra Nova for example just feels absolutely wonderful and a fresh breath of air and the album’s opener for Discarded Ember From The Universal Flame you get death metal inspired screams, crisp musical structures and production providing such a raw, filthy and abrasive signature style sound where it feels natural and organic but at times it might wear and tear the listener at first glance but in my opinion, it makes it worthwhile upon hearing the record front to back. It is amazing how a band thats around my neck of my woods can create the most destructive, maddening and sickening releases I’ve heard in 2021. Cosmic Simulacra is a record that will punch the listener to get their hands filthy and transfer themselves into a insane torture location.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler


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