CRAVEN IDOL – Forked Tongues

England’s blackened thrash metal outfit Craven Idol are back once again to create a sound so experimented that fans of the past albums may slightly see a differential change in the musical department. From the lyricism reflecting on debauchery, anti-Christianity, history, and occultism, Forked Tongues is the latest offering from these English based outfitters and is released through Dark Descent Records. Musically, this album continues off with monolithic slabs of black/thrash and death metal signatures with a modern day, old school sounding record.

The album is filled with mixed genres, naturalistic branches of evisceration and a production incredibly punishing you’ll definitely hear the traditional Craven Idol sound fans will expect coming out of this newly created album. From the rich ambiance, atmospheric passages of darkly embraced spine-shattering musicality and hellish/melodic melodies of crumbled and apocalyptic visionary soundscapes this album may not be for the faint of heart for extreme metal fans but it does offer slow and fast guitar riffage, intricate leads and harsh vocals full of venomous beauty. Production wise is absolutely top notch as they’ve worked incredibly hard keeping the album pristine and marvelous much as possible. Overall, England’s Craven Idol takes blackened thrash and death metal roots to whole new level for the underground community and is definitely recommended if you previously enjoyed their past material.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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