I AM HEIR – Legacy Of Death

Texas deathcore band I am Heir released their new EP Legacy of Death on 8/21/21 and it’s five ridiculously heavy tracks that will get your adrenaline pumping! Stumbled upon them today while looking for new music to bang my head to and these guys absolutely delivered! Really brutal, crushing riffs that have some extremely powerful vocals to compliment them, while having an intensely evil sound that reminds me of Distant or Filth.

I’d suggest having a fire extinguisher handy when listening to this nasty EP because these guys really brought the heat on this! If I had to choose a favorite I might say Oppressor. Throwing in some faster pace riffs and blast beats to change the tone up at the end of the album really grabbed me and a really great way to close out the album. Really great release that I highly recommend FFO: Distant, The Dialectic, Crown Magnetar, Filth, etc…I was extremely happy I came across this today and will be blasting this out on repeat for a while!



Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Nick Poulin



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