THE NEGATIVE BIAS – Lamentation of the Chaos Omega

Black metal is a genre that always has twists and turns. Bands routinely mess with the style to give their own spin on the genre. The Negative Bias does just that. While they still play black metal, some interesting choices, both in composition and writing make their album “Lamentation of the Chaos Omega” a very interesting and enjoyable album. “Album Medley” opens up this album, and does so with an odd, ambient and vocal centric opening, which leads into some intense black metal. This song is very weird because of how it transitions to the different sections, the old one fades out, then the new one fades in, and each time it sounds like the song is ending. It’s a little jarring, but interesting nonetheless. Next up is “The Golden Key to a Pandemonium Kingdom”, which is a much more epic sounding track. It’s got a slower pace, and does a good job of showing off the bass, which is very audible with the mix on this album. “Journey Into the Defleshed Paradise” is the follow up, and is a lot more melodic, and at the same time dark sounding song.

Next up is the very fast and heavy song, “Tormented by Endless Delusions”. The main riff on this album sounds like a whirlwind, with the rest of the song whipping around it like a storm. This blows right into “The Undisclosed Universe of Atrocities”, which starts out soft, and is for the most part, a very slow paced track. “Cryptic Echoes From Beyond Dimensions” is a very weird and ambient song. This song is about six minutes long, and has spoken word over very odd instrumentals. This feels like a long intro for the last song, which is “And Darkness Should be the End of the Cosmic Faith”. This song is straight epic black metal. It’s very guitar driven, has some nice ritualistic chant vocals, and some really tight writing, ending this album on a high note. This is very good. Some of the choices on here are a little off putting, but overall this is a very enjoyable listen. If you want something a little out there, check it out.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Sam Hookom


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