AEON – God Ends Here

If you know Sweden’s Aeon and didn’t know a new album was coming out after waiting nearly a decade since 2012’s Aeons Black was released through Metal Blade Records, you better clean off your stereo or vinyl player because Sweden’s death metal crafters Aeon are back and this time around this is one of my most anticipated albums to be coming out in 2021. After seeing them live with Katakylsm years ago, Aeon not only blew my brains out on how energetic and uncompromisingly heavy their songs were, I revisited their entire catalog in preparation for God Ends Here and I can say this right off the bat, this is by far the most accessible, darkest and perhaps the absolute quintessential Aeon albums not only to come out of the 21st century, but they’ve done to date.

With this album, they’ve expanded their horizons adding blackened passages, thrashy styled arrangements and maintaining that traditional death metal formula Aeon is known for have kept me sitting on the edge of my seat to hear a album so powerfully driven that I was floored immediately just hearing songs like Church Of Horror, Overture: Magnum Reginae, Mephistopheles, Liar´s Den, Deny Them Eternity and the headbanging wonders of Severed have amazing progressiveness, old school infused instrumentals and established a naturalistic expression to see where their taking the music to whole new dimension and therefore I’m extremely pleased hearing such maturity and growth coming from this band after all the years they’ve been as a group. Musically, it maintained the raw, comfortably crafted death metal signatures and the album flourishes to breakthrough the creativity these musicians deliver surrounding themselves into a wild imagination.

Second half of the album I noticed this album takes the most claustrophobic effectiveness while retaining a more sporadic approach as the instrumentations on the record showcasing rebellious riffs, isolated drum performances, cavernous bass work and maddening vocal work adds more flair and contrast to the album’s beautiful presentation. This record not only made me appreciate the quality Aeon have created and delivered for the fans, but the foundation and influence this band brought for extreme metal has been positive. God Ends Here is Aeon’s most ambitious, strongest, accessible and the most intelligently written albums this band has ever done and it will going up to be one of the greatest comeback albums of 2021.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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