COSMIC ATROPHY – The Void Engineers

American/Canadian technical and progressive death metal band Cosmic Atrophy have finally brought upon us the latest chapter after a ten year gap from their debut full-length, “Codex Incubo” which was an absolute treat to listen to. Now with The Void Engineers, this is a much more polished, professionally well written and extremely crafted albums they’ve done to date. 9 tracks and clocking in over an hour of beautifully arranged brutality and sheer heaviness, these musicians not only brought style, but have concentrated so deeply into their creativity to be inspired by different cultures of music.

From the madness opener of Stygian Whispers, Submerged in Metamorphosis Pools and Lurking Beyond the Mirror, to the album’s closure of Shackled to the Zenith of Uncreation, The Void Engineers has strangely understandable vocals, demented lyrics, technical drumming, dark, eerie and grand classical-inspired guitar melodies, natural basslines and demanding technical death metal blind-sided skilled musicians. For a sophomore album that’s now crushing to the scene, it’s often stated that this is a well executed death metal albums for its artistic prowess, harmonic minor scales, neo-classical influenced form of music and has tonality of baroque music structures all respectively played as a resemblance to save and construct aspects what you’ll hear upon this beautiful album.

Every track, diversity and multiple complex manifesting brutality pictures a painting so deeply that the direction Cosmic Atrophy took is another new level of excitement and exhilaration. The Void Engineers really satisfy a scrupulous artifact so standard that there’s no reason not to appreciate the beauty of this fascinating album.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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