Inhuman Architects released their debut album Paradoxus on July 16th through Vicious Instinct Records, a label that’s delivered some pretty solid slam/brutal death metal/and deathcore releases over the past few years from bands such as Alter Idem, Human Error, Cardijum, Gamma Sector and many more! This recently formed 5-piece band from Portugal, caught my attention with the band name and album cover instantly. I love the alien/space theme! The album art and band name already had me intrigued by the alien vibe going on and as soon as I heard the first song, Behold the Creator, I was sold!

The album was a 42 minute joy ride for me! Really kept me wanting to hear more! There’s a a real heavy and eerie feel to the album that fits so well with the alien theme. I’ve listened to the entire album about 10 times already and have a new favorite song off it each time! But I might say Night Intruders or Vortex would be my favorite at the moment. If you like blast beats, aliens, and sick riffs, then you’ll want to check this band out because they deliver all that and more on this album and in their videos!




Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Nicholas Poulin



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