DEVOID OF THOUGHT – Outer World Graves

Deep into the darkest vortex known to man, Devoid Of Thought are a Italian extreme metal band that have been releasing amazing pieces of music throughout the five years this band has been around they gifted us a brand new debut full-length album titled Outer World Graves and is released through Everlasting Spew Records. Now, when I saw the artwork for this album I was immediately hooked since this band is heavily influenced by some of my favorite bands in today’s modern era of extreme metal bands even some of the old school movement in the early 90’s. Anywhere from Blood Incantation, Timeghoul, Demilich and early Voivod to name a few not only introduces the listener to hear such atmospheric, technical, old school infused style of death metal to bring out everlasting quality of music but to me as a compassionate fan of death metal and its subgenres, this exactly what I love about the genre and what it represents.

Musically, this is death metal madness from the front all the way to the back as these talent musicians really showcase their purest form to unleash songs not only extremely accessible, progressive at times and providing a atmosphere to make the listener strapped into a rocket ship to be catapulted to the deepest and darkest supermassive black holes. Stylistically wise, Devoid Of Thought’s experimental side on this album is absolutely filled of musical wonders as I feel the album is a work of art since many bands from Italy as far as I’m concerned they know exactly what to create to make a album containing the most atmospheric, diverse and expansive soundscapes and it made me appreciate their beauty and craft to have every song feel crisp and natural.

Anywhere from songs such as Stargrave and Perennial Dream and my personal favorite being Effigies Of A Distant Planet, there’s and a serious, yet extreme layers of violently explosive signatures of loud noises. Not only Devoid Of Thought is a band I’m now a fan after hearing this album but it truly is amazing how the album ranges from maddening, to slowing things down giving the members a chance to give such a perfect balance of death, technical, progressive and melodic death metal passages while incorporating old school death metal compositions a not so torturous but very cold and isolating feeling which makes Outer World Graves a gigantic, extraterrestrial, lifeless and hopelessness records in 2021.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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