FLESH HOARDER – Relic Of Putrescent Filth

Whenever there’s a new band on New Standard Elite chances are I’m automatically a fan. Flesh Hoarder is a brutal death metal band from San Antonio, Texas who’s been making music for over a decade and truth be told, Relic Of Putrescent Filth is a sickening, tormenting and murderous album that will immediately grab your attention front to back. Musically and stylistically speaking, Flesh Hoarder’s elements of death metal and slam while using wide broad signature genres of metal that contains brutality, heaviness, inspired exceptions of technical skill and have thoughtful and incentive instrumentals sort of if Scattered Remains combined mixed a majored, slowed and methodical approach this is what you’ll fully expect.

This full-length uses a sense of reckoning forces as the instrumentals, songwriting and professionalism in creating such relentless and monstrous slabs of brutal death metal may not necessarily be everyone’s favorite album as the tracks are triggered, processed and slower passages may overly sound repetitive that can throw others off to the perfect balance of bass-filled, mid range drum snares, forcefulness and spectacularly crafted tones are quite accessible most part. From the cursed filled and stylistic tracks including Another Form of Evil, Humanity Has Conjured and Aggressive Psychopathic Intentions will definitely treat listeners that want multiple changed genres to use prominent instrumentation. If you’re looking for a album that’s gory, violent and destructive then Flesh Hoarder’s Relic Of Putrescent Filth is the album for you.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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