GRAVE INFESTATION – Persecution Of The Living

If I were to tell you right away how I feel about the extreme music in 2022 I will say this, healthiest in it’s purest form. Grave Infestation have made their presence felt in the underground to rise up from the ashes and have unleashed hellfire and brimstone with the latest offering of Persecution Of The Living. Right off the bat, this band have created a guts-fucking, consolidated and contemporary style of extreme music that every death metal fan, (myself included) will absolutely fall in love with front to back. Now with the label known as Invictus Productions, every slice of the pie in making this music feel diabolical and planet Earth just felt doomy with these songs having a forefront assault taking no prisoners and such making this particular album a well balanced and articulated listening experience front to back.

These foundations and arrangements not only revitalized a marvelous atmosphere for its loom and gloom soundscapes but give or take this album also incorporates the Swedish contemporaneous acts for having a buzzsaw like affection giving these tracks a raw and primitive approach while maintaining a modernized sound. For a band like Grave Infestation, these members are very talented and taking many inspirations in which they’ve focused and taken serious high notes of pouring out their souls into a massive cauldron and lord behold, their music truly became a herald of death, darkness and represents a jackhammering attack so chaotic that you could just rock the hell out if you wanted to.

Just knowing when you hear thunderous and roaring tracks such as Human Jigsaw Puzzle, Slaughter, Then Laughter and Plague Of Crypts give it that grindy, almost melodic tonality in what I can tell is this band is heavily inspired by Carcass, Repulsion, Sadistic Intent and Necrovore with these guitars giving it that eviscerated and unsettling soundscapes while the drums, bass and vocals giving that heart-stopping and pummeling touches making every track give it a nice progression without having any of the songs lose its core. Persecution Of The Living is a powerful statement that wastes no time at all and if you’re looking for a ancient themed like record this is the one to observe.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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