Since their formation in the 90’s, Czech Republic’s very own Godless Truth have produced some amazing albums throughout their career and have unleashed the latest album which is titled Godless Truth and is released once again through the amazing label of Transcending Obscurity Records. Musically, the band is known for creating a contemporary, old school and technically driven style of death metal that still relies on fleshed out riffing, fast paced drum work and strength upon strength arrangements they’ve created over the years is truly worth the listening experience. While many bands in the old school movement are heavily known for having groove and infectious melodies, Godless Truth’s ability in making songs feel morbidly, sadistic and pleasurable made it seem like they’ve studied really hard in creating one of the hardest hitting albums to date.

This record not only is extremely polished and mixed incredibly well, but furthermore this album is granting the listener into such chaotic, intricated and sufficiently nasty songs that promises to deliver and have met my expectations quite well so to speak. Everything about the instrumentals, production, progressiveness, lyrical content and craftsmanship being represented is absolutely top notch which give or take every section of the guitars, drums, bass, vocals and layers upon layers of unadulterated traces of memorable hooks and catchy rhythmical patterns is one of the best highlights upon listening to the album.

But when you get to hear songs like Fortune Time, Glory To Desperation, The Eyechain and Wake Up To Obey there’s moments I’ll get to hear a wide variety of different influences into their catalog whether it be the technical death metal arrangements of Psycroptic, or the blisteringly fast groove sections of Benighted or the almost old school, very proggy atmospheric passages from Atheist, this album has it all for many fans of extreme metal. Transcending Obscurity Records may already be one of the hardest hitting labels in today’s music scene but if you’re looking for a album that’s intelligently written, heavy, technical and progressive then Godless Truth’s self titled is something to dive into front to back and a killer album to start 2022.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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