DRUID LORD – Relics Of The Dead

It seems rather interesting when a band that plays death doom metal often times bands in that style aren’t just about playing it very fast, technical and melodic driven so to speak but Florida’s Druid Lord is a band that promises to deliver some quintessential material. After the last release of 2018’s Grotesque Offerings, Relics Of The Dead is the continuation prior to the last recording and this time releasing it on Hells Headbangers they’ve seem to find their footing making it the best material to date. From the band’s thunderous guitars, darkened arrangements of magnificent and eerie passages of harsh vocals this is truly a wonderful experience both musically, lyrically and atmospherically to be completely mesmerized within the album’s artistic expressions. There’s also some stoner metal elements adding nice flair and organic gestures to draw the listener’s attention as these Floridians bring out best of both worlds to showcase their instability and craftsmanship to whole new level within the death doom scene.

I can also sense some Acid Witch style melodies while they’ve seem to matured the songwriting and counterparts to not only unleash their most punishing albums to date but for a underground extreme metal outfit lime Druid Lord this is what death doom metal needed and with a band like these individuals there’s memorable sections that captivated the underground scene to bring fourth inspiring acts many years to come. Even on tracks such as Thirteen Days Of Death and Festering Tombs for instance will not only satisfy fans of the genre, but Relics Of The Dead is a album that is definitely promising as you feel yourself trapped and isolated into a catastrophic universe to embrace and fascinate any fans of old school death doom for years coming by. A absolute must listen album for 2022.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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