THROES OF DAWN Re-Sign With Argonauta Records

Gothic doomers Throes Of Dawn are pleased to announce that they have re-signed the partnership whit Argonauta Records. The six-piece is currently working on their next studio album. Additional details coming soon.

Comments the band on signing:

”We are very delighted to share some good news with you: We have signed a new contract with Argonauta Records! They have been a perfect partner for us and we are looking forward to working with Argonauta Records on the upcoming album.

“As you might know, we have been working on the new album for quite some time, but unfortunately Covid-19 has laid some obstacles on our path. The work is still going, albeit the progress is slow. However, it is coming! Slowly but surely. We are quite lazy to post anything, but we will try keep you updated on the progress.”



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