We took a moment to talk with Gabe of Enterprise Earth about the new album, touring and making music.

MPM: How are you guys doing today and those unaware who you are, could you introduce yourselves and contributions to the band?

EE: Doing well, thanks. I’m Gabe, I play guitar and also the band’s producer. We also have Dan Watson on vocals and Brandon Zackey on drums.

MPM: The band is releasing the newest album The Chosen which in my opinion is one of the tightest, most powerful and experimental albums to date. Was this album a difficult challenge to create for the band in comparison to the last album Luciferous?

EE: While it was easily the most work we’ve done for an album it was also the most fluid and natural process we’ve ever had. We really just wanted to have fun writing and totally let loose on the compositions.

MPM: Being a Washington native that I am, it seems to me the Pacific Northwest is one of the best scenes going on in the last 15 or so years. What would you guys say about upcoming bands hailing from Washington and Oregon that is different than most states in the US?

EE: So fun fact: The original guitarist BJ, who hasn’t been in the band since 2019, is the only person who resided in WA. The rest of live elsewhere in the USA so we’re not a WA band. I don’t have too much insight into the PNW scene, but I certainly love that part of the world!

MPM: The band is going on tour with Fit For An Autopsy, Ingested, Signs Of The Swarm and Great American Ghost which is a nice balance of deathcore and death metal fans amongst the likes. How does it feel being back on the road after not touring for so long?

EE: Awesome. Our return to the road back in September with Lorna Shore was incredible and we expect this tour to do very well.

MPM: Which tracks off on The Chosen you guys would say is the most achieved and meaningful in terms of the lyrics and favoritism?

EE: Each song has it’s own special fingerprint and identity, it’s own vibe. It’s really hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say Overpass is my favorite. We threw everything we could including the kitchen sink into that one.

MPM: If extreme metal music wasn’t in favor, what occupations do you guys seeing doing?

EE: I enjoy building things. As for the other guys, I’m not sure. Can’t say I’ve given that one much thought!

MPM: What is your guys stance on physical media versus digital downloading and streaming for music?

EE: Both are great and have their purpose and utility. Physical media is certainly more collectible and tangible but streaming makes everything more accessible.

MPM: What would you guys say is your favorite album since the band’s existence and is there any story behind it?

EE: Favorite of our catalog? Easily The Chosen. The music will hopefully say more than we could.

MPM: Since Enterprise Earth’s last album Luciferous had a strong death metal presence with some technical arrangements, I noticed The Chosen also dived into progressive elements making the songs emotional and impacted which in my opinion you guys strayed away a bit from the deathcore roots and became a more and contemporary death metal band. What would you guys say about the state of deathcore bands transitioning to different genres of music?

EE: It’s a beautiful thing to see a genre of music evolve. Deathcore isn’t cookie cutter anymore. It’s now a diverse, all encompassing facet of metal.

MPM: Do you guys prefer recording music or playing live shows? If so, any reason behind it?

EE: Both. The studio is where music is created and the stage is where it comes alive.

MPM: What albums of 2021 has been on your constant rotation?

EE: That new Dirty Loops and Cory Wong album is pretty sick.

MPM: If you guys had to pick between CD’s, vinyls or analog tapes, what format of music is your guys preference?

EE: I like vinyl for the sound but CD for the ease of use. Why anyone wants to listen to music on a cassette other than for nostalgia is beyond me. Who wants to rewind a tape?

MPM: Were you guys self taught learning music by ear or required taking lessons?

EE: Mostly self taught but some of us took lessons here and there.

MPM: In your guys opinion, what’s your interpretation about lyrics and music being meaningful to people?

EE: The cool thing about lyrics is that while they usually have concrete meaning to the songwriter, other people may interpret them differently and find new meanings. As long as the listener is having a positive experience I think knowing the intended meaning of a song isn’t necessarily that important.

MPM: Lastly, thank you guys so much in doing this interview. Are there any last words like to say or promote to fans reading this interview?

EE: The Chosen, January 14th 2022. Get ready!



Interview by Jake Butler



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