NECRO ANTAGONIST – Realms Of Obscenity

If there’s a scene that produced the absolute best, monstrous and chaotic signatures of brutal death metal, it be the Philippines. Necro Antagonist are a brutal death metal band from Bayombong, Cagayan Valley and have released their debut full-length under Brutal Mind titled Realms Of Obscenity. From the groove laden structures, relentless drum patterns, experimented style vocals and amazing production, these musicians are fully capable in understanding their craft making every song have its fulfillment and enjoyment making this album a jaw-dropping and magnificent experience front to back.

What really drew me on this record is the vocals, ranging from the high pitched screams, guttural lows and a very shrieked, squealing type of approach is something special as I rightfully feel this band was heavily inspired by the mid to late 2000’s style of brutal death metal whether it be Kraanium, Vulvectomy, Cephalotripsy and Internal Suffering, these musicians provided the most exciting, accessible and intelligently written brutal death metal albums I’ve heard in 2022. From the pounding drums, guitar tones, audible bass and atmosphere feeling shivered and claustrophobic sounding, these tracks represent many characteristics in not only having some originality but the album definitely has it aggressiveness well as adding technical proficiencies making the songs give it such a cohesive and abrasive tonality.

Infinite Cycle of Extreme Barbarity, Hymns of the Apocalyptic Prophecy and Relentless Lamentation for example give it these groove melodies making the album provide a sharper, yet brutalized atmosphere in which this case I love the dynamics and presentation these songs all came about giving it a non stop listening experience and the more I’ve listened to it the better each listen have gotten. Realms of Obscenity is one of the most pulverized and punchy records of 2022 and for certain I can’t recommend this enough for anyone wanting something eviscerating.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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