Spanning over 30+ years in existence, New York’s death metal masters Immolation are one of the hardest working and consistent bands in the scene pouring out the most memorable records in the genre this very day. From albums such as Dawn Of Possession, Close To A World Below, Failures For Gods and Here In After, Immolation in my opinion have not released a bad album but they’re also a phenomenal live act after seeing them numerous times they always deliver and execute during every performance I’ve seen them play. After releasing 2017’s critically acclaimed record of Atonement being a absolute banger of a record that it was, Acts Of God not only is the first Immolation album in over five years, but I can truly say this record truly lived up my expectations.

Released on Nuclear Blast Records, Acts Of God is the eleventh full-length album and what’s needed to be said if it hasn’t been said before, if you’re a fan of death metal and Immolation as a whole then rest assure you’re gonna be strapped into their world full of heaviness all around. Clocking in over 52 minutes in length and consists of 15 tracks, this album to me is a reputation of a lifetime meaning the signature instrumentals, establishing melodies, completed passages of old school death metal refineries and a production so nihilistic that Acts Of God not only is described as maturation, but this is also one of their darkest records to date. From tracks such as Apostle, Noose Of Thorns, Broken Prey and Let The Darkness In to the killer introduction leads of Blooded, the album not only welcomes back the stylistic and memorable logo from Immolation but the musicality, arrangements and atmospheres are so over the top that the members of Immolation always has been so reliable with their essential craft.

From lyrical themes discussing anti-religion, social failure, humanity and political propagandas this album continues to demonstrate the overall power and context within the overflowed important improvements that may not necessarily be disappointing to the listener but the album does a fantastic job keeping the song selections very well balanced and sophisticated. The instrumentals are also complemented as the members each use a rhythmical pattern that maintained a employed, frantic, appreciative and outstanding performances keeping each song sounding highly professional. Perhaps one of the album’s strongest point is the chemistry between Robert Vigna, Alex Bouks, Steve Shalaty and vocalist/songwriter Ross Dolan all participated the perfected harmonics and harmonies each represented to the table that easily continues the sound we all know and love from Immolation pinpointing chromatic progressions and few technical interpretations makes Acts Of God one of the best modern sounding Immolation records in a very longtime.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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