SAINT HELEN – Through Benevolent Illusions

Based out of Washington State, Saint Helen are a upcoming thrash metal band that’s been around for quite sometime to unleash a four track EP titled Through Benevolent Illusions. Musically, they play a progressive, contemporary and structured style of thrash metal that is heavily borrowed by the mid to late 90’s era of the genre well as the current era of the music. Stylistically, this isn’t just some ordinary run to the mill thrash metal with some authentic guitar riffs or pummeling drums but instead, this EP is well constructed and designed to the core unleashing primal fury and absolutely take no chances to fire all cylinders. The craftsmanship is on point as every instrumental is being backed to the maximum as the tracks are naturally flavored and bring out the heaviness and progressiveness to a whole new level.

Songs like Armageddon and Kings for example showcase some amazingly crafted time signatures as the guitars, vocals, bass, drums and production are all prominent in the mix without losing its sense of sound and formula. I will say that the signatures also bring out some technical proficiencies in which I can hear some different elements in the songwriting from having a progressive metal style leads or a crossover arrangement for example are just a demonstration that this three piece band will be on their way to create thrash metal essentials for years down the road. Through Benevolent Illusions is only the beginning for these Pacific Northwest musicians and will be keeping an eye out for future material.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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