LAGO – Sea Of Duress

Arizona death metal dealers Lago have released Sea Of Duress, their latest album through Unique Leader Records. Musically, Sea Of Duress is a dissonant, no-frills release, the quartet have their sound dialed in, performing each riff, lead and drum fill with almost-surgical precision.
From the finest naturalistic atmospheres, glorious guitar melodies, progression and decorated structures that’s not insanely technical but does have some incredible moments both calmly, aggressively and successively craves the listener’s mindset to have knowledge and paralleled 90’s death metal. This release is so well- written, executed properly and production values alongside mastering balance of brutality and catchiness just sorts a swift roundhouse kick in the ass Death Metal that most Modern bands struggle from.

Even the songwriting, song variations are absolutely gorgeous and spot on which has this eerie blackened death metal passages that suits and penetrates the listener to hear homage for 90’s old school death metal specifically Morbid Angel in it’s own retrospective view. The members from Lago has also done such a fascinating job keeping the progression, chemistry work and atmosphere highly engaging. Lago’s Sea Of Duress is a solid album those wanting very fresh intakes for extreme metal and takes these talented musicians with heart and pride to make astonishing pieces of music down the road. An absolute modern masterpiece!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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