KROSIS – Solem Vatem

North Carolina’s very own Krosis are a brand new artist who recently got signed through Unique Leader Records and are releasing the latest effort entitled Solem Vatem. To describe their musical sound would be a very contemporary, modernized, authentic and chaotic hybrids of melodic, progressive and traditional style of death metal. Borrowing influences from The Faceless and Sworn In, these musicians have studied the deepest roots of music theory where a new wave of extreme metal has just begun within the broadened horizons. Part of the tracks and musical spectrums on Solem Vatem symbolizes the ever-lasting impression and artistic values seem to navigate extremely well for a underground based band like Krosis.

Their songs contain heavy concentrates on atmosphere, progression layers of thickened mixtures and technical arrangements while micromanaging harsh singing, death metal-esque growls and occasional cleans bringing out fresh dynamics to the fore fronted table. There’s even little traces of djent in the production/mixing department of rich, heavy layered components are supplied by the more death metal influences being represented here. To say Solem Vatem clocks in almost an hour long, There are some good ideas and interesting riffs and soundscapes explored on this album, and it’s clear that Krosis are a band that are ambitious and have high aspirations to fully achieve and accomplish what’s given to the modern heaviness with different variations of strengths running across its playing time. I enjoyed this album particularly because they pushed themselves and start to explore what they’re capable of musically speaking. Solem Vatem is a solidarity offering that will satisfy any fans of extreme music where it pulls altogether to make the album naturalistic at finest.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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