ANALEPSY – Quiescence

Out of all the modern brutal death metal bands I’ve listened to on a daily basis, Portugal’s Analepsy are without question one of the tightest, exciting and accessible bands in todays era of extreme metal. These guys have been a huge name for themselves after creating 2017’s debut full-length album Atrocities from Beyond which was met with such critical acclaim and became a unstoppable record front to back. Now in 2022, the band signed with a new label Miasma Records and created their latest offering Quiescence and the first record in five years. Quiescence takes the listener on a wild journey into the deepest, steepest, imaginative and offers intense brutality throughout the Album’s conceptual lyricism and confidential craftsmanship these songs simply create creativity, thoughtful songwriting and engaging commitments within the album’s fascinating atmospheres that not only built naturalistic boundaries but keep the musicianship and crafted song variations up to par.

With hard-hitting tracks such as Stretched And Devoured, Elapsing Permanence, Locus of Dawning and Spasmodic Dissonance showcases degenerated guitar melodies, disgusted drum fillers, perfected bass tones and visceral/ annihilating vocal deliverance are all mixed wonderfully within the album’s production to create sonic booming arpeggio solos and effective instrumentation are really one of my biggest highlights on the album. Perhaps one of the naturalist compliments on the album is the amount of triumphant confidence which enhances the sound perfectly crystal clear and keeping the musical progressions steady and rhythmical. Fans of brutal death metal will be in a surprising treat to hear Quiescence showcasing slam instrumentals, perpetual cranks of slabbed and pierced heaviness and considerably be highly consisted within the band’s catalog to date.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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