Have you ever come across a band that is so unique and different, you can’t describe them really to anyone so you have to play their music and let it speak for itself? That’s anything written by Italy’s In Tormentata Quiete. Originally their sound was very distinct symphonic black metal but as their discography evolved, their sound became more folk-alternative rock influenced but still very much avant-garde black metal. Four years since their last full length Finestatico, the group has returned to present Krononota, which was released last month via My Kingdom Music.

Now anyone who has ever heard ITQ has known that they can be very theatrical, delicate and haunting with their sound but with this album, they have turned all the knobs to eleven and stepped up their game. This album features the debut of female vocalist Samantha Bevoni which adds to their signature sound as her soothing singing intertwines with the vocals of both Davide Conti and Marco Vitale. Now also if you are a first time listener, be prepared to feel like you are listening to what the soundtrack to madness would sound like. There is constant tempo changes, soft and melodic moments that change into aggressive, heavy and chaotic riffs. Tracks like Sapor Umbro and Lo Sguardo D’Anteo stand out as personal favorites as both feature such unique song structures as they have haunting melodies for a good portion of each that balance with the hits out of nowhere black metal aggression. There is a lot of use of folk instruments that make you feel like you are listening to something else…anything else other than a metal album. This brightens up the album and truly shows the talents these musicians bestow.

I have been a long time fan of In Tormentata Quiete and I believe this is the best album they have released to date. It is melodic, it’s beautiful, it’s heavy, it’s mesmerizing, it’s truly everything I could ask for in a well rounded avant-garde release. If you like La Rumeur des Chaînes, Sigh, Janvs or anything that can’t really be described to friends but would impress them when listening, then In Tormentata Quiete is definitely right up your alley.



Overall Score: 10/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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