MUNICIPAL WASTE – Electrified Brain

Two decades and seven albums into their career, Virginia’s Municipal Waste have laid a foundation to the crossover thrash metal scene with many cult classics such as 2005’s Hazardous Mutation and 2003’s Waste’ Em All and now returning after a five year gap of their last album Slime And Punishment, Electrified Brain is a welcoming addition to the modern-day era of the band. This album is catchy, entertaining and lots of party wasting goodness to keep your old school friends discussing for many years to come. From its addictive hooks, fast and hard-hitting thrash metal guitar signatures and a rebellious, almost raw hardcore punk vibes, this is bringing back that 80’s sensation of the early days of thrash metal in the veins of Anthrax, Bounded By Blood, Nuclear Assault and Suicidal Tendencies to a extent.

With this album I truly believe Municipal Waste found their definition style continues the same pattern of furious thrash they’ve had on past albums as both the craftsmanship and songwriting the members have improved themselves to be more precise, diverse and instantly tight instrumental leads that are far more superior than Slime And Punishment. The lyrical content is also well written as vocalist and songwriter Tony Foresta does make these themes like a instant genius.

However, this is a record heavily concentrating on thrashing and partying although several title tracks spread randomly about school food fights, being imprisoned for someone something else has done and mental disorders. But when you also hear tracks like Barreled Rage, Grave Dive, Blood Vessel / Boat Jail and Restless and Wicked these tracks bring out old school 80’s thrash from Exodus, Sodom, Destruction and Heathen to name handful of musician acts. Electrified Brain should be required for any fan of thrash or crossover which this case they’ve nearly flawed every effort possible which makes Municipal Waste one of my absolute favorite thrash metal bands around this decade.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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