As someone who’s been a compassionate fan of the brutal death metal genre for long as I can remember, bands like Pathology, Devourment, Katalepsy and more have really resonated with me as I expanded my horizons in the extreme metal community and became one of my most consecutive listens on my playlist day in and day out. Texas’ Visions Of Annihilation are a extreme metal band that should be paying close attention because the scene in Texas is truly one of the most excitable and most diverse in the modern era of metal. Their style is full of infectious melodies, catchy groove signatures and the soundscapes on here is really dark at times and the craftsmanship alongside production and instrumentals are some of the best highlights I’ve heard in a brutal death metal record in quite sometime.

Stylistically, they play brutal death metal but they’ve also incorporated traditional death metal roots in their soundscapes making it seem the band loves their late 90’s mid 2000’s style of extreme music. But far as the creativity and uniqueness is concerned, the members are extremely talented in what they do which to me I have such a appreciation for a band when they give equal amounts to display their finest achievements and this album really shows that the Texas scene is alive and kicking major ass.

Songwriting wise, the album is full of very well crafted timed signatures and I also admire the lyrical content which I won’t heavily discuss it much but what I can say is tracks like Prison Of Carnage, The Inception Of Chaos and At The Gates Of Torment features hard-hitting drums, experimental styled vocals, guitars sounding dynamic and furious as ever before and the production here is very reminiscing of the early stages of the genre whether it be Dying Fetus or Condemned, Visions Of Annihilation really went above and beyond to showcase who they are as a band. I see greater things in the foreseeable for this band and The Inception Of Chaos is just the beginning of a new era by these Texans.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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