FLESH OF THE LOTUS – Vicissitude

Flesh Of The Lotus are a American Slamming Deathcore outfit from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and has contributed many influences within their music with bands such as Acranius The Black Dahlia Murder Lorna Shore and Osiah. Released on April 7th, 2017 being self released, Vicissitude is the debut EP from this Pennsylvanian band and has incorporated elements of modernized Death Metal, Slam and Deathcore compositions with a unique authentic approach. Songs such as Stranglehold and Creator Defiled, Vicissitude features impressively crafted breakdowns, groovy and brutalized guitar structures, astonishing bass tones, ministering atmospherics and vocal/ drum work is simply put, naturalistic at finest. This band utilizes frequent instrumentation and just clocking in around 18 minutes in duration, this EP is without a doubt the best of 2017 I’ve ever listened to this whole year. Every member truly shines their compositions and contributed many elements to not only make the music creative but rather achieved a phenomenal debut start to finish. From the relentless technicality, progressive layers of audible instrumentals and diabolical production value, Vicissitude also manages to heavily focus on organic rotations where each song is very different upon hearing this creature EP. From the Deathcore/Death Metal compositions, to the deepest Slam oriented fillers, Flesh Of The Lotus’s Vicissitude is a album about deliverance, perseverance, passion and appreciative desirability in a sense this independent put their name on the benchmark within massive amounts of intelligence and sophisticated branches of stylistic formulas to make this EP one hell of an enjoyment experience.

Fans of Acranius, The Black Dahlia Murder, Black Tongue, Osiah and extreme music in general should experience this outstanding EP because it represents what musical art is represented here.

Overall 9.5/10
A fantastic debut!

Review by Jake Butler

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