MISGIVINGS – Misgivings

French based death metallers Misgivings been active in the world since 1991 releasing multiple demos and now have given us the debut full-length recording of the self titled album Misgivings which is handled by Dolorem Records. Their style is very blasphemous, dark, blackened and brutal at times with their melodies, tonality and signature style sounds is pure unadulterated old school death metal at it’s best. The best way to describe Misgivings’s musical approach is taking Altars Of Madness era of Morbid Angel with the blackened death metal centrics of Angelcorpse put it in a blender until it’s well stirred and you basically have Misgivings.

These songs are full of character, detail and deliverance while the band has tried out some unique compositional work incorporating different structures making the tracks darkened, brutal, technical at times and very straightforward that fans of the old school movement of death metal will find something to kill the time. Instrumentation wise, the guitars, bass and drumming are intertwining to make it compliment one another well as the vocals provide such a exhilarating, explorative and explosive atmosphere to put your headbanging skills to the test with such anguish and distorted sequences of chaotic musicality.

Just when you open the song Deny The Divine Praise to other tracks such as Ancient Fear, Stormblood and The Age Of Christic Sorrow for example you’re gonna get aggressive drumming patterns and a instrumentation work so visceral the album does a phenomenal job rotating signatures to be complexed and diversified. This album also does a nice job adding some blackened death and brutal death metal inspired melodies which these songs are massive and destructive as the sequences contributed itself to make it stylistic and fiercer than ever before. Misgivings’s self titled release is not for the faint of heart but if you’re looking to get your soul crushed and wanting a good time getting your head rocking out then I think this record should do it for you.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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