ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – Artificial Brain

For nearly a decade in existence, New York’s technical death metal band Artificial Brain have been making waves throughout the last several years making themselves a establishment in the extreme metal community. I first stumbled this band around the time their 2017’s sophomore full-length titled Infrared Horizon was released and it was such a explorative, exotic and progressive driven records not only in 2017 but it was the album that instantly made me a fan of the music. This latest chapter into the band’s catalog, Artificial Brain’s self titled album is perhaps the most experimented, avantgarde and authentic pieces of music they’ve done to date and in this case, Artificial Brain are one of the most exciting and notable bands to come out of the modern scene of death metal that each record they’ve created musically and sonically speaking has been a huge banger front to back.

This is the third full-length recording released on Profound Lore Records and the last record to feature vocalist Will Smith who’s also the frontman for another New York based band known as Afterbirth. Lyrically and stylistically speaking, Artificial Brain’s compositional work, craftsmanship and songwriting is seriously top notch as they’ve went above and beyond to go into a much more progressive, avantgarde and little bit of a blackened territory which to me seems to fit the themes of the album and the production well as the atmospheric layers on the record gives it that extraterrestrial and intergalactic sort of sound. Instrumentation wise, this is a guitar driven album with some songs throughout the secondary half also added unique jazz timed signatures and a certain deconstruction of many musical wonders in context but however, there’s definitely technical displays to really showcase the band’s finest talent with choruses are consistently fresh through and through and not to mentioned that these melancholic arrangements bring out dissonance as almost I were to hear similar bands playing this style such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Demilich and even Deathspell Omega to a extent.

The lyrical content on this album is also worth noting that vocalist Will Smith has some of the best lows, growls and distinctive patterns that I’ve heard in a longtime making this his final appearance with Artificial Brain is sensational as he portrays the themes and narrative discussing many subject matters whether it be science fiction, humanity or death he brings the heaviness, brutality and dizzying speed to give this album a ginormous wall of breathtaking sounds. I can’t really say anything much about this album but Artificial Brain’s self titled record is a contender for one of the best technical death metal albums of 2022.




Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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