CEREBRAL EXTINCTION – Escape From Illusion

Italian brutal death metal based outfitters Cerebral Extinction have came back five years after their album Necro Parasite Anomaly came out and this time around we have the newest offering titled Escape From Illusion which is released through Amputated Vein Records. Their style of brutal death metal is almost similar to Severed Savior, Origin, early Decrepit Birth and Gorgasm but they also have technical and groove traces into the mix something like Skinless or Malignancy would create but in today’s modern-day standard.

Production wise, this album is mixed decently as the instrumentation, creativeness and craftsmanship displayed on the record is really well done and the members have showcased their talent and given all of the contributions to factor the signatures and progressiveness is really worth noting that Italian death metal still is going strong all these years. The structure, totality and detail into the album’s apocalyptic and chaotic leads of eviscerating drums, bludgeoning guitar melodies and soloing alongside the high to low pitch register vocals and bass giving that stomping, punchy and visceral touch really adds nice soundscapes and balancing out the dehumanizing effectiveness to really get a sense of delivery.

Even on tracks like Hemorrhage Of A God, The Ruins of R’lyeh and The Evocation of the Black Servant have many headbanger moments that’ll keep your feet stomping consecutively and the fluidity of the tracks doesnt seem to be fleshed out or watered down so to speak but what it creates is walls of barricaded sounds to push and stick to the core making the music be very well presented and designed when it’s done naturally. I am genuinely impressed on Escape From Illusion being my first proper exposure to Italy’s Cerebral Extinction and I can’t wait to see what they’ll create for future material.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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