Some people may remember when ABIGAIL WILLIAMS was more of a symphonic deathcore or should I say, “blackened” deathcore project during the days of their “Legend” release but after three years since their last album, this release is straight forward black metal! The last release “Becoming” was the group’s major transition into a black metal project but “The Accuser” would make even the most “kvlt” fan of the darkest of dark excited. After countless line-up changes and on again off again touring, the band’s only remaining original member Ken Sorceron got everything where he wanted it to be for this album.The new members of Abigail Williams have spent time with Lord Mantis and Nachtmystium, so it makes sense that “The Accuser” is a dark, nihilistic record with a sound deeply rooted in doomy, raw black metal.

Right away the album has a grim and dark atmosphere and a storyline that actually captivates a listener. Telling the well over three hundred year old tale in which the band takes their name and album title from. Unlike how “Becoming” was more of a dialed back black metal sound to bring forward the beautiful tones and well thought out songs, “The Accuser” is the opposite being a cut throat, instant black metal hit. The album has cold melodies and hypnotic riffs that will keep you captivated. The vocals sound like they are calling out from the netherworld and full of grim doom. Everything about this album is black metal perfection from the more psychedelic doom track “The Cold Lines” to the cut throat and raw “Forever Kingdom of Dirt” and everything in between.

Sorceron got this album right and it was well worth three years in the making to get to this masterpiece. Abigail Williams as a whole has come a long ways from their symphonic and deathcore roots to become this dark and evil monstrosity that it is on “The Accuser.” The album is definitely not about sunshine and rainbows but tackles the occult history of America in a manner that only they could which truly solidifies why this release is their best work to date and why Abigail Williams has put America on the map for the win in the black metal genre.


5.0 / 5.0


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