New Band Announcement- Visitant!

BAND ALERT! Visitant is a Blackened Death Metal band coming from Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. They are a 5 piece comprising of members of  Demon King, Abiotic, Unaligned, Withered Throne, and also include a founding and former member of Enfold Darkness. The band is fronted by Chelsea Strickland who was previously in Accursed Creator and is currently a voice actor at Monster Factory. Chelsea also was part of the death metal choir for the immensely popular DOOM Eternal video game.

Visitant by all accounts has an amazing lineup composing music for the project as you can see. We were able to ask Chelsea a few questions about their song they have ready to drop later this December for the world to hear and she had this to say about the inspiration behind their first song release.

By the will of the Earth

We will burn in our sleep

A councious decay the fires spread

Through our bodies not serene”

 “This song very much depicts the acceptance of death and the idea that you have to give up your flesh form in order to…whats the word… move on into the spirit realm. To something bigger and more powerful than what you are now. In this case the spirit you become is a vengeful wraith. I began writing this song when my grandfather was really sick. So this line in particular pertained to him. It was after he became septic.

 I often wondered what happened to the mind during and after sepsis. Do you lose usual consciousness when you lose control of neurological responses? Or when those begin to shut down or miss fire… what does it feel like internally? Are you still aware? I imagined the body going through something like that must feel like internal fire. Seeing him go through that and then the aftermath was so hard for me and somewhat traumatic. I had to keep those feelings to myself and be something brighter for my family. So I just put it on paper and wrote a small story in my head from the experience”

 Reading the description in Chelsea’s words are one thing but we were lucky enough to preview it before writing this piece and by all accounts this song is a straight banger. Metal Purgatory Media are very much excited and stoked to share Visitant with the world later this month.

Meet us here December 30 for the exclusive release for all to hear.


By- George Joseph Bauman IV


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